What to Expect...

Yes, money is part of Economics but it is a small part. You can expect to be asked to do work of some kind every day of class. You will be asked to listen to lectures, do activities, make presentations, participate in class discussion, do quizzes, do tests, and be present in class. Economics is designed to be a general overview of the topics associated with the discipline and to include some personal finance to help you better understand the monetary functions of the world.

You can also expect to be challenged in your thinking and asked to move out of your comfort zone. You can expect to have some fun on a few days where we look at the world through an Economic lens.

What I Expect from YOU...

I expect you as a student to act as the young adult you are. This means that you take responsibility for your grade by checking it; getting late or missed work from me; participating in class in activities; and studying for quizzes and tests. I expect you to act as the young adult you are in class by following school rules, class rules and class procedures.I expect you to bring an open mind to learn new things and to look at the world from a different point of view or in a unique way. I expect you to come to class wanting to have fun and to be present. Ask question no matter how stupid you feel they are because it is only a stupid question if you never ask it. 

This course will be a general survey of economics introducing topics associated with microeconomics and macroeconomics. This class (that is a requirement for you to graduate) is activity based and lecture oriented. You're welcome.

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